Melted Snow Kitten Dreams (starla_kitten) wrote in thevines_blvd,
Melted Snow Kitten Dreams

Patrick Takes A Break...

I don't know if there are any other Australian's who just heard the interview on JJJ with a few of the members of Aussie group, Youth Group - but it seems that Patrick is touring with them around Australia, while he "takes a break from The Vines." So, this good news, as if they HAD of broken up for good, they would have said something about him being a permniant member. Patrick wasn't one of they members interviewed.

For those who haven't heard of Youth Group - they are an up and coming Australian Band, who where actually one of the support acts for The Vines last succusful concert, back in May at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be there to see all of them - and actually meet a few members of Youth Group - and of course, our favourite band - and the reason why we are here - THE VINES!!!
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