Dani Boi (picklexperson) wrote in thevines_blvd,
Dani Boi

You know that you are a fan of the Vines when you can have a whole conversation using their lyrics EXAMPLE:

you: yeah so my girlfriend called.

friend: why?

you: she's got something to say to me.

friend: yeah...what was it?

you: she never loved me.

friend: awe too bad...

you: why should anyone?

friend: well you are a great person.. maybe its those ugly ripped up old bell-bottoms you always wear. why do you even have those?

you: because it's 1969 in my head.

friend: hmm

you: yeah so did you see the late night talk show guest professional?

friend: no it's a waste of time. I've been too busy lately.

you: hmmm.... my times a riddle that'll never be solved.
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