Pû®p|ë P¡ñëÅpP|ë (2gether_we_fall) wrote in thevines_blvd,
Pû®p|ë P¡ñëÅpP|ë

Application Thingo

Name: Lauren
Age: 20
Favorite Album: highly evolved if i had to choose
Favorite Song: atm its spaceship . . i cant stop listening to it
Favorite Member: Craig
Reason For Joining: Saw it posted on another community . . and you guys looked cool!
Other Favorite Bands: the strokes, foo fighters, metallica, ted leo and the pharmacists, the panics, the shins, the rolling stones, fleetwood mac, the beatles . . heaps and heaps and heaps more
Where Did You Find Us: i saw it promoted on another community
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