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The lights go down but it looks so pretty

So take me away from the corner

The Vines Boulevard
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The Vines Blvd.
this community is for the fans of The Vines to discuss any topic of The Vines they'd like. Updaters on tour dates would be appreciated.

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Rules (breaking results in your banning)
1)You are allowed to promote once each week.
2)Do not promote unless you are joined, which means you have filled out the application for us to get to know you.
3)Do not flood.
4)Do not harass or threaten anyone, this place is anti-criticism.
5)Fill out the application when you join. If you don't you have two warnings.
6)Its alright if you like to advertise different bands such as local or not well known. Don't come around posting "Hey! Everyone should listen to Good Charlotte! OMFGZ!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!".. No. Its not cool.
7)When you join, please promote every once in awhile. ♥